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Practice Drawing 1, 2 and 3 Point Perspective

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Learn to draw perfect perspective and improve your drawing skills today!

Perspective is a fundamental drawing tool required by any artist that wants to be competent at drawing accurately, especially those pursuing a career as an artist or designer.

It's really a matter of personal perspective, or opinion but if you don't understand how to draw in perspective then it will be hard to thrive as a professional artist working in competitive entertainment based industries.

This is one of the first steps towards taking your drawings skills from amatuer to professional. By establishing 1,2,3 or any type of perspective in your drawings, it'll make them that much more engagine and open up a whole new world and mindset by which you can develop your artwork. 

This art task generator, along with the downloadable materials work together by suggesting tasks for you to practice drawing in perspective. The Art Tutorial video also available in the crash course membership explains the general principles of 1, 2 and 3 point perspective, and demonstrates first hand how to draw in perspective.

1 Point and 2 Point Perspective

This starts with a beginners level 1 where you'll begin to understand the founding principles of Perspective. Through various tasks relating to 1 and 2 Point Perspective, you'll be able to practice over an over again until you're fully competant and able to draw basic shapes accurately from any angle. Level 2 will promt with you slightly more advanced shapes to plot on the grid, and Level 3 will really challenge you to draw more advanced objects as by now you should be able to master 1 and 2 point perspective.

3 Point Perspective

These drawing tasks should be tackled when you have mastered 1 and 2 point perspective. You'll be prompted with 3 Point Perspective drawing tasks that prompt you to draw various shapes, objects and scenes with a super cool comic book feel.

By practicing these tasks on Perspective you'll have a strong base that will support the rest of your drawing ability.


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