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Practice Shape Design Language & Silhouette

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Practice designing with shapes to convey specific moods & emotions through your art.

Shape language can be used to reinforce ideas subconsciously or consciously, our designs can influence how the viewer thinks and feels about what we draw.

Certain shapes are used all the time to communicate the nature of something.

It's quite common to see that soft and round shapes are usually associated with friendly things, whereas spikes and sharp angles are associated with things that are uneasy and evil, but how far can we push shapes to communicate less obvious messages, and instill the appropriate feelings in the viewer that we want them to feel about our drawings or paintings? Perhaps you've never even considered it?

Well, this art task generatorhelps you to explore shapes and silhouette as a language by designing and drawing various subjects to reflect a specific emotion. By practicing enough of these tasks, you'll develop an understanding of how to communicate clear & concise messages through your drawings and designs when developing your own ideas.

This task generator is designed to help you study based on the fundamental principles outlined via the shape language and silhouette art tutorial, which demonstrates the art theory and principles behind shape language.

When executing these tasks, you should ideally work in greyscale so that it enables you to focus solely on the shapes.

Shape Design X

This task generator will prompt you to design various things such as Clouds, Rocks, Armour and more based around a certain emotion. It's up to you to execute the tasks and deliver designs using shapes that reflect the overall theme!

Shape Design Y

This task generator works on the same principle as above, but encourages you to execute the task by exploring specific shapes as the primary focus for your designs. By studying shapes first, you'll develop a sensibility for shape language by discovering for yourself the various shapes that create certan feelings.

Shape Stamp X

You'll be encouraged to study landscape photos and copy he compositional elements, but based on the emotion suggested by this generator you will stamp over the top of it your own design. This will essentially push the study to reflect a new theme, or idea about what you're creating. You'll get some pretty interesting results!

Shape Stamp Y

Similar to the above task generator, but you will stamp over the top of it your own design based on the shapes suggested. This will essentially push the study to reflect a new theme, or idea about what you're creating. You'll continue to learn the connection between shapes and emotion based on your own exploration.


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