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Practice Drawing Heads, Faces & Expressions


Learn to draw the Human Face correctly through Active Learning!

Generate tasks that condition you to learn the key fundamental principles when drawing the human face.

These are art tasks are geared towards really understanding how to draw a broad variety of human faces.

Faces are the first thing we look at when engaging with some (in most cases), so when drawing faces we need to learn to be expressive and make sure that our face drawing comes across intended A well drawn, accurate facial expression will connect with your audience even if it’s exaggerated and not quite life like; it can be cartoony and still be relatable.

By understanding the core principles of what makes a face human and relatable, we can instill it in our drawings and evoke an emotional response from our audience, and present something that they can believe and identify with.

These face practice task generators condition you to improve drawing faces through active learning, by generating tasks that specifically focus your attention on the fundamentals outlined in this face drawing tutorial.

Face Task

This is a simple task generator that focuses on drawing male and female faces with different expressions, under different lighting setups. You can expect a variety of tasks to get you to think about more than what's just happening on the surface!

Cartoon Face

Cartoon faces deviate from the typical anatomy of a real person, so this encourages you to think about the face by using different shapes that can influence your drawing for all types of faces!

Funny Face

Funny faces are similiar to cartoon faces, but this is where you can literally let your hair down and just have fun. The shapes and facial features should have you creating some pretty bizarre, but hilarious results.

Real Face Lv.3

This task generator is to help to condition you to draw correct facial proportions and expressions from any angle. The tasks twists, light source and other criteria open up an extensive variety of tasks to keep you learning and improving your face drawings.



Examples Of Face Drawing Tasks


.PSD File to work in + .JPG image of Grid




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