Figure and Gesture drawing hints & tips

Figure and Gesture Drawing Tips Figure and Gesture Drawing Tips

Figure and Gesture drawing is something every artist needs to grasp in order to become more competent and efficient.

Being able to draw freely can really bring your drawings to life through motion and movement. This art learning cheat sheet condenses some of the most vital points of information that you need to practice on in order to become better at drawing.

Main Points

Line of action

The gesture of a single line should capture the essence and weight of the main idea.


The shape language should determine the overall feel, dynamic, composition and framework.


How does the drawing and idea read blacked out? It should be clear, unique, expressive & readable.


Use space to add perspective and depth to pull the viewer into the drawing or image.


Push the idea to extremes to communicate the idea effectively and making it more entertaining.


Capture the emotion and make it read in a believable way that fits within the reality of the character.


What is the story being told? Add context, emotion and meaning to communicate the message.

Questions to ask yourself

  • What is the MAIN IDEA?

    What is the MAIN IDEA?

  • How can I best REPRESENT the Idea?

    How can I best REPRESENT the Idea?

Things to remember

Line of Action

A quick & loose line to convey the essence of the drawing.

Follow Intuition

Don’t plan too much, rely on observation and the feeling.

Focus on Movement

Convey the flow of energy of the drawing before anatomy.

Stay Loose

Use flowing motions to draw and create fluid clean lines.

Be Attentive

Be mindful to make sure each line has a deliberate place.


Practice this process more and more to become fluid

Capture the Soul

Don’t get too concerned with the technicalities of drawing. Search for the soul of the idea and express it.

“the meaning makes something worth while”

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