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Practice Figure Poses & Gesture Drawing

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Master the fundamentals of anatomy and drawing the human figure.

Drawing anatomical figures and gesturful poses is a sure way to improving our art, but are we getting the most out of the poses simply by just copying what we see?

These are tasks are geared towards a broad range of art learning focused on the human figure.

Copying is one thing, but as creative artists we want to express our figures and make them tell a story or communicate a message to the viewer. We draw figures in almost everything so having the ability to portray them in an engaging way is extremely important. These art practice tasks are designed to do just that; by solving drawing tasks with the fundamental principles that will condition you to draw accurate and expressive figures.

There are two categories; Gesture and Poses. 'Gesture' focuses on the expression, movement, soul and emotion being portrayed through the figure, whereas 'Poses' focuses on learning the human form from multiple angles in perspective.

When you practice both and bring them together, you can expect to be able to draw fantastical dynamic and engaging characters. The Art Drawing Tutorial on Gesture and Figure drawing demonstrates the art learning fundamentals which inspire this drawing task generator.

Gesture Pose

These Gesture Drawing art tasks will help you to think about the expression of a pose, and how to portray emotion. You'll be prompted to focus on tasks like the shape and silhouette of a pose, exaggeration or adding a sense of space to existing images. There is a time limit included in this, so it forces you to capture the essence of a pose quickly. Correct anatomy is not the purpose of these learning tasks, so you can really let loose draw freely!

Comic Pose

These tasks encourage you to explore comic character poses, because they already have a lot of the gestural principles incorporated into them. From studying existing poses of Comic characters, you can reverse engineer and break them down to learn about their proportions, dynamic pose type, silhouette and so on.

Cartoon Pose

Practicing tasks from this Cartoon pose generator is a playful way to explore different shapes and proportions of the human figure. You'll be conditioned to draw unique stylized figures, which can lead to developing a unique figure drawing style.

Life Poses Lv.3

These art tasks focus on drills of drawing the figure from multiple angles on the perspective grid provided. You'll come to understand the figure as a 3D form which will help you to draw more dynamic characters. This is the most difficult of all the art task generators.


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