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Practice Drawing Composition & Design Layouts

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Become a better artist by practicing unique art tasks on the rules of composition.

Composition can make or break your drawing, so make sure you learn the fundamental rules of composition and design so you can apply them to your art!

Composition is “the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole.”

Good composition intentionally arranges the elements and parts of a drawing to better engage with the audience, and sustain their interest in order to elicit the response you intend.

Art with good composition feels right, we can instantly tell if a drawing or painting feels balanced and orderly. When we see an image with good composition we feel at ease, where as an image with bad composition makes us feel irritable and doesn't sustain our interest. Good composition can also fortify the story behind the artwork.

The aim of this generator is to practice all of the main rules of composition and various elements that can support composition in your art and design, so that when it comes to drawing or painting our own ideas you have the ability to make sure the composition is strong, are able to design images with intent to better engage with your audience.

The fun drawing task generators prompt you to learn the rules of composition and become a better artist through a practical learning process.  You should read the Composition Tutorial from the Drawing Fundamentals Crash Course before practing composition.


This is the main generator designed to make you think about combining fundamental rules of composition, different compositional elements and various types of visual interest. When you consider the 'main focus' and 'sub focus' subjects, and how to fit them together with the variables displayed you're essentially forced to practice the fundamentals of composition without getting lost or confused. 

Comp. A-Z

This art task generator is extremely playful and fun. You'll be prompted to create various compositions that utilise the shapes of letters from the Alphabet. You can get creative and think about composition in a new way!

Formal Sub. Div

This generator will prompt you with art tasks to help you practice the formal sub division composition technique.

Informal Sub. Div

This generator will prompt you with art tasks to help you practice the informal sub division composition technique.


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