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Practice Drawing Exercises & Warm Ups


Learn to draw better art by seeing shapes, line & angles.

To get better at drawing you need to practice, but many people practice the same old bad habits so they never actually improve. The aim of this generator to develop fundamental drawing skills!

Warming up is important, isn't it? There's an assumption that warm up exercise is to make sure you don't pull a muscle in sports, but it's actually also to make sure you're sharp and ready to go! So artist needs to warm up too, it improves efficiency and enables you to perform better in general before starting to draw.

Also, when it comes to drawing something, most people just sit down and draw or sketch without little thought going into it. If you actually learn to see and observe by breaking the subject down then suddenly it becomes a little easier to draw, like putting together smalls pieces of a jigsaw, or building lego brick by brick.

The drawing tasks generated here work in relation to the YouTube Drawing Tutorial, which demonstrates a tried and tested method used by masterful artists to draw art more accurately. You'll be tasked to draw simple forms using the approach demonstrated.


Warm Up

Practice Art before you start! You'll be tasked with some really fun and interesting sketches and doodles warm ups to get you fully lose and ready to draw for real!

You can select Drawing Task Generators by clicking the tabs at the top in the Generator!

Shaper Seeker Lv.1

This is ideal for people learning the drawing technique for the first time, it will prompt more simple subjects to work with initially making it a great stepping stone. You're expecting to seek out the basic building block shapes that will enable you to draw the subject.

This will help you to practice drawing efficiently with focus and intent by training your mind to observe and plan the fundamental building blocks of a subject before drawing it. These taks will surely improve your art!

Block In Lv.1

This approach to drawing has been used by masterful artists for centuries, but instead of focusing on building block shapes, it focuses on shadows and how they're used to describe the overall form of a subject.

These basic drawing tasks will having you looking shadow lines, and the relationship between the lights and darks of an image which will help you to draw more accurately.


Examples Of  Drawing Shapes Tasks


.PSD File to work in + .JPG image of Grid




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