Character Design Pose Reference for Artists

Character Design Pose Reference Character Design Pose Reference

Character Design in general is becoming more and more popular. As the Concept Art and Illustration industry grows, there is more demand for budding artists. One of the most important ways to create engaging Character Designs is to ensure the Character's Personality or the story moment is reflected in the Character's Pose.

What is the Character about to do? Why is that particular stance used? How should the Character be lit? This Art Resource for Character Poses doesn't just serve to be just an archive gallery of random poses, but a place to eventually learn more about lighting your Characters in the best possible way.


How can Character Pose References help Artists?

This Character Pose Reference gallery will speed up your Character Design process.

Aswell as aiding your process, using this Character Pose Resource Gallery means you're more likely to ensure that your Character Design has correct Anatomy, Perspective, Proportions and a Personality that shines through. These are the fundamentals that make a Character Design believable, a solid foundaton to aid your design.

Why will this Character Pose reference Galler help me?

These Character Pose Images offer a ready made lighting setup.

This gallery uses a 3 Point Lighting setup which is typically used in Concept Art to light Character Design concepts; it utilises a Key Light, a Fill Light and Rim Light to fully capture the shape and form of the character.

Each Character Pose has multple photos taken from different angles to suit different design needs. Perhaps you're designing for a Moba game and need the pose in 3/4 Top Down view, or, you might need to use a pose which enables you to design the front and the back.

The Tag Filter system makes it easy for you find suitable pose reference for your character as the Tags are based on Demeanour, Stance, Gender, Weapons etc. This Art resource is an ever expanding gallery to inspire your Character Designs and by becoming a member you'll have exclusive access.

Ultimately, these high quality Character Poses can be used as reference to learn from and copy or as a foundation to paint and draw over. This Character Design Referance gallery is made affordable for all, at just $9.75 you get 1 Year Access which is extremely great value!


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Tier 1 Membership is just $4.95 for the year and will unlock ALL of the core Art Idea Generators & Functionality.



You are FREE to Generate Art Pompts & Ideas for Characters, Creatures, Environments and Art Studies.


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