Creative Video sharing platform on blockchain

Since the rise of BitCoin numerous technologies have emerged out of the ‘blockchain’ space, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

Odysee is a new video streaming platform that utilises the LBRY blockchain technology, it’s a type of overskin that enables its users to share video content onto the blockchain and have full control over it. It’s a huge step forward for a decentralized internet.

Why should you care?

As it stands, big tech companies like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram have a massive amount of control over the internet with access to your data and can silence as they please.

If only there was a way to take the power away from these companies and put it in the hands of the individuals and content creators...

Well, that’s precisely what blockchain technology does!

The future of the internet is likely to be decentralized. Odysee is tipped to be at the forefront of this movement representing peer to peer video sharing and streaming.

It’s a decentralized platform that we believe in, as it empowers the individual by giving them the power over their content.

We want to do our bit in promoting this platform to help it grow, and encourage you to do the same.

Benefits of Odysee:

  • Decentralised platform
  • Content owned by users
  • Get awarded Library (LBC) Tokens
  • Peer to Peer rewards
  • Great potential for creatives
  • Reward incentives for viewers & creators
  • Auto-Migrate YouTube Channel videos

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