The Art Affiliate Program

Earn a generous income and become an artist affiliate. This art affiliate program is free to join and easy to sign-up with no technical knowledge required.

Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet as they offer associates a commission on any sales made as a result of their recommendation or referral. This creative partner program is truly unique with generous commissions which help anyone wanting to earn a passive income.


Art Affiliate Program



1. Create Affiliate Account

It takes less than 2 minutes to create an account and become an art affiliate! Just fill in the required information and submit. Your account will be approved within 24 hours..


2. Share Affiliate Link

You'll get your own unique affiliate link to share with friends, to a wider social network or anywhere that you think will be of interest people. It's perfect to share with the artworks you create!


3. Earn High Commission

Any clicks of your link that convert to sales will earn you 35% commission. Get others to join the art affiliate program and you'll make money from a chain of commissions!



 Frequently Asked Questions 

What's an Art Affiliate?

As an art affiliate you’ll ultimately be promoting, which is a website that prompts art inspired ideas and art based learning tasks.

Over time more and more new and exciting products will be made available via the website to increase your earning potential. You can earn revenue from new membership signup, membership renewals, upgrades and additional purchases.

The promotional process is very simple and easy and ideally sharing just your affiliate link is all that you'll need to concern yourself with, although will be additional marketing material made available.

Active conceptstart members automatically receive Level 2 affiliate payment commissions! Prices for membership currently range from $15 through to $49+, and more products will be added to the website to boost your affiliate earning potential.

How does this affiliate program work?

This art affiliate program utilises 3rd party hi-tech tracking software that has been supporting affiliate based communities worldwide for over 15 years.

Whether you’re an Art Student, Professional Artist or simply interested in Network Marketing, you can earn sizable commissions as a result of sales made via your own personalized affiliate link. The more links you share, or the larger the audience you share to basically increases your earning potential. It’s that simple.

By sharing your unique affiliate link, it creates a potential opportunity for anyone to a purchase at which results in you making a sizable commission.

You’ll also make money through other affiliates that sign up as a result of your affiliate link, and also affiliates that they bring to the table too!

Commission rates:

Your earning potential is extremely extensive because your commission doesn’t just go off one time sales. There are 3 levels of commission.

You’ll receive your base level tier commission for every member you bring to, plus every membership renewal, additional product purchase, upgrade and other art affiliates in your commission chain. See memberships for pricing details and earning potential.

Affiliate X is an affiliate that joined the program as a result of your affiliate link.
Affiliate Y affiliate is an affiliate that joined the program as a result of your Affiliate Y's affiliate link.

Level 1 Art Affiliates: Available to everyone

  • 20% sales commission on direct sales
  • 10% commission of Affiliate X
  • 5% commission of Affiliate Y

Level 2 Art Affiliates: Available to active members of

  • 35% sales commission on direct sales
  • 10% commission of Affiliate X
  • 5% commission of Affiliate Y

Affiliate Income Scenario Example:

Scalable Revenue

Scalable Revenue

Multiple Commissions

Multiple Commissions

Vast Commission Tree

Vast Commission Tree

Reasons to join the Art Affiliate Program:

Earn an income whilst you sleep!

The beauty about this is artist affiliate program is that your potential to make money as an art affiliate doesn’t stop when you stop. Your affiliate program link will be visible 24/7 to whoever sees it, and has the scope to go viral. Each link is like creating an open door with money making potential.

A simple and seemless marketing process.

Who said you need to work for a studio to make money with your art?

If you’re an artist then the process for generating an income will fit seamlessly into your workflow. Firstly, you can get all the creative ideas and inspiration you need by using the amazing features at ConcepStart yourself, and then you can simply attach your affiliate link with any artwork you produce; this tracks users IP information and credits sales made from your recommendation which results in a healthy commission.

Capitalize on your existing followers or traffic.

If you already have a large network of followers then it would be well worth joining this art affiliate program. Your potential to instantly earn numerous high-percentage commissions from this art affiliate program is already in place; especially as you'll be promoting inspirational art ideas, tasks based learning and other time-saving tools that will benefit your followers, it's not such a hard sell!

Win Win Commission Structure!

The memberships and products sold are typically digital based, so the prices are both affordable to the end user and profitable to the affiliates because the overheads aren’t as high. These prices facilitate the buyer’s needs, affiliate earning potential and ultimately aims to create a sustainable and profitable business that can continue to grow, develop and build a new money making model for artists or anyone that wants to generate an additional income.

Scalable income over time.

There's a number of ways that you can scale your passive art affiliate income. The direct way to do this is to simply share your link as much as possible, ideally in places that are likely to generate more traffic over time such as similar art pages, art websites or forums.

Your potential to earn can also scale without your direct input! If you happen to get Chad the affiliate the join, a real beast of a guy - super passionate and he's promoting his link like crazy, you'll always be getting 10% from every single sale resulting from him (don't worry Chad, the 10% comes out of the total sale and not your pocket). Chad also happens to have a little sister Shirly who's super smart, way smarter than him, and she manages generate ten times more sales through strategy alone. Well because you got Chad involved, and he got her involved... you're entitled to 5% of the sales that she generates too. (Relax Shirly, this doesn't come out of your earnings either!)

Have your cake, and eat it!

If you’re a member of conceptstart consider sharing your link to close friends and make your money back from the membership account you invested in.

Technically, you can enjoy all of those unique art ideas, art learning tasks or whatever products that inspire you for not cost at all!

When you join the Art Affiliate Program there are no expectations from you; there are no rules that require you to perform and generate a certain amount of affiliate sales within a specific amount of time. Once a member, always a member! Your affiliate link will stay the same, so you could still get paid from links that you share today, or links that you shared 5 years ago.

Real-Time, Reporting & Marketing tools.

You can login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your affiliate link is performing.

Your very own affiliate link will be made available as soon as you become an Art Affiliate. In due course there will be support marketing material to help you promote the site should you need it, especially if you have your own webite or blog. Stay tuned!

Art Affiliate Program

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