Conceptstart are proud to be teaming up with GAOMON Pen Tablets in our upcoming Concept Art competition!

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, everyone is welcome to enter. There is a focus on digital Art as our iconic Sponsors GAOMON will be awarding the winners some of their best Drawing Tablets products.

There’s over $1000 worth of prizes to be won… If you like designing Environments then you’re in with a chance of winning some fantastic top quality prizes to help boost your creative skills.

Create Artwork for 1 of 3 Environment Design Briefs listed below: Each requires a set of thumbnails, sketches and a Final design as outlined in the Deliverables.

After all of the submissions have been gathered, the top entries will be presented in a voting page which is open to the general public vote which counts as 1 of the 4 judges.

$1000+ in prizes to be won...

    GAOMON Pen Tablets are some of the best on the market and offer a broad range of digital drawing products. Visit their website here.

    Product Delivery: GAOMON will be responsible for sending out their products and they will pay for the shipping costs however, if taxes are incurred at the customs then winners will be required to pay the fee.

    How to Enter

    Choose from one of these 3 Environment Design briefs and submit ALL deliverables via your Instagram account.

    Environment Brief 1

    Environment Brief 1

    Environment Brief 2

    Environment Brief 2

    Environment Brief 3

    Environment Brief 3


    1: Repost this Competition Post by @ps.masteredits

    2: Instagram Follow:
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    3: Post your Artwork via Instagram and include ALL 10 hashtags;
    #GAOMON #GAOMONtablets #GAOMONtablet #GAOMONdrawingtablet #GAOMONart #artcompetition #environmentdesign #digitalart #artprompt #conceptstartcomp

    You can also submit direct to this website, but you MUST also post it to Instagram.

    4. State which Art brief you chose and write a short summary of your submission.

    Terms and Conditions
    • Anyone entering must be over the age of 12
    • One original entry per person
    • Any plagerised artwork will be disqualified

    The Judging Process

    There will be 4 judges in total. One of which is the general public so you can vote on your favorite submission. The judges will then go onto choose the winner based on previous votes and the judgement criteria.
    Judge 1 - General Public

    Judge 1 - General Public

    CheckAll Artists & Enthusiasts CheckVoting in the finalist section
    CheckSee Voting Samples below

      Judging Criteria

      Judging Criteria

      • Art - Quality Art, Creativity & Ideas
      • Brief - Ability to stick to the brief
      • Process - Working progress visuals

      Competition Schedule

      Competition Schedule

      • Submissions: 15th Nov - 15th Dec 2021
      • Voting Period: 16th - 31st December 2021
      • Winners Announced: 5th January 2022

      Voting starts in:

      Total entries: 4

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