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This sketch was inspired by a new Art Task Generator I’m working on…<br /><br />It’s designed to enable you to create more interesting sketches whilst building up your environment design visual library through study.<br /><br />I was tasked with an underground cave study that featured a giant robot.<br /><br />Basically, sketches from all sorts of Environmental photos that you have to fuse a given subject into which gives it more of an idea. It’ll be launched in the next week or two!
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Kinda of place i'd like to visit

Ranged Weapon <br />This is a fusion of an M4a1 with a Plasma Rifle, the design influence was Geometric shapes and is intended for Modern Combat!
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Robot<br />This Quadrupedal Robot is armed with a flame throw and inspired with an Art Deco theme.

Horror Character <br />Sometimes you just gotta get by and do what you can for a living, but this Horror character takes it to a whole new level… This Unkempt Prince is sadistic and he harvests organs…His weapon of choice is throwing knives. 

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Feeling the lines

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Sci-Fi Prop <br />An ancient Radio Transmitter with a knights templar design theme!

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