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Art Prompts for Creative Art Block

Art block is real and it's never a good thing when your creativity is stifled! There's many reasons for why people suffer from this lack of creativity such as a no motivation, fear of failure, perfectionist syndrome, lack of ability an so on.

We could go into detail about what hinders creative thinking, but for now all you need to know is that this site has a solution in the form of highly creative art prompts to inspire fresh ideas for your artworks.

What are Art Prompts?

An Art Prompt is basically a suggestion to trigger an idea of something that you could create as a visual painting or drawing. It's essentially a starting point ot get you thinking.

So how do they Inspire my Art?

These art ideas trigger visual images in your imagination by stringing together random words. They're designed to focus on the fundamentals of story telling, so as soon as you get a visual in your mind it starts the thinking process going and ultimately boost your creativity.

Whilst it might not help with some deeper rooted issues to do with Art Block which will be discussed later in the blog, these art prompts most definately provide some motivation to get your creativity thinking back on track.

You can browse all of the art prompt generators below or simply start here.


Vehicles are mechanical structures of all shapes and sizes, and offer a broad range of functionality.

This Vehicle Art Idea Generator will prompt and inspire you to think of vehicle designs in a completely different way.


If in doubt, Mech! These extremely popular machines have endless possibilities.

Mech Design (short for Mechanical Design) is popular in the entertainment industry. They're typically but not limited to be found in sci-fi worlds through the depiction of future technologies.


Creatures Ideas are required in almsost every facet of the entertainment industry.

Creatures are distinctly different from a humans, these beastly ideas will help you create creatures of various shapes and sizes that exist in a variety of locations from caves, the sea or other dimensions.


Props need to be brought to life when it comes to Entertaining and Engaging an audience.

Props are assets that build towards a world. They could be anything really, a tree, a treasure chest, a chair, a mountain or a even a cloud!

As creative artists, we all have good ideas but not knowing where to start can often slow us down. This art prompt generator enables you to randomly instantly generate ideas for art inspiration. It's a great way to break the repetition of an ongoing project, and inspires Artists to create something random based on variables generated within a set context to create unique ideas.

A good Art based portfolio demonstrates fundamental artistic ability and unique ideas; both visually and conceptually. This Art Brief Generator suggest ideas for Artworks you could use for your Portfolio, and enables artistic growth through experimentation. You'll be prompted by randomly generated art briefs for ideas that you wouldn't usually think of. These Art Briefs are unique and prompt the undamental criteria for engaging Artwork.

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