Choose Preferences

Select your Tab: Each tab will contain its own briefing criteria, so this is the first choice you have to make. Do want to do a Painting brief? Create a Character etc. You can scroll the tabs by clicking the left and right arrows with in the same row that they display in.

Select Criteria: All of the criteria within each tab is automatically checked and made active by default, so to check off or check back on the various brief criteria you simply click the green tick or grey crosses. Brief criteria is represented by its own icon. Being able to check criteria on and off for example gives you the freedom of what brief you want to generate for example, you might already have an idea of how long you want to spend on your brief so you will uncheck 'Time Frame' and so on.

Generate & View Brief

Generate Brief: Once you're happy with your choices, it's time to generate your brief. Simply click the orange button 'Generate Brief' and you will notice a word or string of words will be load in next to each icon, this is the information that randomly generates to churn out your brief and ideas.

Just to note, a more thorough brief with lots of criteria will lend a more unique piece idea and visual image. Be sure of your criteria, as soon as you have hit 'Generate Brief' your brief is locked in and you can't change any variables. So you will either have to make do or create one from scratch and potentially lose an awesome brief.

Premium features offers added functionality which helps in the generating process. There is also full access to more categories. You can login and get a Free Trial right now.

Understanding a Brief: To fully digest the brief you will need to see the words a whole which creates a unique overall idea. It gives a general overview of what you are required to create, it's then up to you to bring your own creative flair, artistic ability and ideas to create something unique and special.

Brief ID: Every time a brief is generated it is stored in the website database for 24 hours, you will notice under the 'Generate Brief button' a link will appear. Click the link and you will be taken to an overview of your brief. If you wanted to take advantage of the Premium Features you could save each brief into your profile page and add notes.

For a breakdown of all the different types of Art prompts and ideas you can generate, please click here.

Create & Submit

Creating Artwork: This is all self initiated, you don't have to submit anything. If you just feel like using the Brief Generator as a starting point for creating some really cool Concept Art, It's all good!
If you do plan to submit your Artwork then just make sure you stick to the brief and have fun. Let go and really take advantage of creating something that you wouldn't usually create and who knows, your Artwork could get you Featured in the website.

Submitting Artwork: If you want to take full advantage of this website and actual submit your Artwork, you can expect the following:
Your Artwork should directly relate to your brief and all the criteria in it

The majority of Artwork submitted will be shared via's Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler & all Social Networks to help promote the Artist and the website

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