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Get instant art inspiration and prompt your brain with this random Art Idea Generator!

This idea generator was built out of necessity to help aspiring and professional artists to develop their skills within the Concept Art and Illustration industry. Generate briefs to inspire art ideas for Characters, Creatures, Environments, Vehicles, Props and more.

This Art Generator has been designed to help with following:

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As creative individuals none of us fall short of ideas however, but not knowing where to start will often slow you down.

This art prompt generator enables Artists to randomly generate a pool of ideas for instant art inspiration. It's also a great way to break the repetition of an ongoing project. It inspires Artists to create something based on randomly generated variables within a set context to conjur up unique ideas.

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A good portfolio is one that showcases fundamental artistic ability and unique ideas; both visually and conceptually.

These Art Ideas will prompt you to create art in various styles and enable growth through experimentation. Get prompted by randomly generated art briefs and create ideas that you would never have thought to. These Art Briefs will inspire fresh ideas and prompt fundamental criteria needed for engaging Artwork.

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A Concept Artist or Illustrator will most likely be delivering visuals based on a set brief from a Client with limited freedom.

An Art brief shouldn't be seen a limitation but an opportunity to be more creative within the confounds. This inspirational idea generator aims to replicate briefs set in the concept art,  illustration and entertainment industry, so practice sticking to the criteria in these briefs and you'll be ready for those tight client deadlines.


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We've all suffered from the dreaded White-Screen syndome. So we want to paint something, a character maybe and no concrete ideas come to mind, or we just don't know where to start.

This Concept Art Brief Generator is gaurenteed to negate the White Screen. Generate Art briefs and Ideas using the 'Generate Brief' button and after reading the words as a whole it will inspire interesting visuals that will explode in your brain and prompt fresh original ideas!

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If you haven't tried it yet then you need to! It's fundamental that we grow and develop as Artists, Illustrators or within any other creative role.

It's so easy to stay rigid in our thinking, working styles and methods. By using these conceptual art prompts you'll generate a range of briefs and ideas that develop your artistic ability. Perhaps you've never tried a painterly, graphic or comic art style before, ever thought to try?

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The intention of this site is to ultimately help Artist who want to learn,  practice and have fun through experimentation.

By practicing ideas you're not so precious about means you're more willing to try new things, and fail, which is the corner stone for any successful artist. This site stands to be an inspirational resource for artists wanting to push their artistic ability and strengthen their frame of mind.


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