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membershipNon members can enjoy up to 10 briefs per day choosing from Characters, Landscapes, Creatures or Studies. Members will get full access to all of the generators for a much more broad range of inspiration, including all the other features to tweak and edit briefs, save their briefs, add notes to their briefs and probably the most useful feature of all is the Auto Moodboard Generator.

Sign up process

subscribeYou can view membership types here. Simply click the subscribe button or view details, and then you’ll go onto the payment page. For any membership option with a Trial, you can get access straight away by simply registering without payment details.

Payment process

pay-palPayments currently uses PayPal, and it’s a very straight forward procedure. Simply fill in your username and email, click Subscribe again and you’ll be redirected to the PayPal page. Here you fill in your payment details then process the payment. You’ll be redirected to and be able to log in right away using the details you signed up with.

Renewal Process

renewIf your membership has expired, you can renew via your Profile. There is link for your Membership Subscriptions in the Menu under Profile.  From here you will see your subscription(s), simply click the Hyperlink and follow the instructions on the following page.

You can have multiple membership types for your account, so if for example you have subscribed for 2 Months, and later want to subscribe for 12 Months, then you will have to go back through to the membership page and create a new membership this subscription. Membership don't stack, so if you pay for 1 month or 4 months but want to subscribe to a 12 month membership then they will start from the date of purchase. Ideally, make sure you get your full use of Membership package.


Using the Brief idea Generator

Selecting Criteria

criteriaOk, so let’s start by choosing the type of Brief you want to generate. You can navigate them from the tabs at the top, or the side menus. So, what do you want to create??

For Non members, you can choose from Character, Creature, Environment and Studies. Members can access ALL of the existing generators such as Props, Mechs, Vehicles and so on. The generator will only generate results for those with icons that are checked. So uncheck and check the item first.

Generate your brief

generate-art-briefNow you have your preferences in place, simply click the ‘Generate Brief’ button. Non members have 10 briefs per day, whereas members have 30 as well as other functionality.

Profile Page

profileEach member will have their own Profile page where they can access all of their saved briefs, notes, moodboards and so on. This profile page will serve as the Members central navigation point for the website, and as the site grows Members will enjoy new perks, additional features and updates within their package deal.

Shuffle Icon

shuffleIf you think there’s a particular variable that doesn’t fit the rest of the brief, you can always select the ‘Shuffle’ icon and then you’re next brief generated will keep all the other variables the same, but randomize the variable you want to change. This is useful for pushing your idea that bit further.

Repeat Icon

repeatIf there’s a particular variable you really like and you’re not too fond of the rest of the brief, then select the ‘Repeat’ icon. Your next generated brief will keep this 1 variable the same and randomize the rest.

Saving Briefs

saveIf there’s a brief you really like, look out for the save icon. By clicking this your brief will be saved and listed in your Profile page. This brief will also be taken out of the feed away from public view.

Adding Notes

notesYou can add notes to your brief which is a great tool to get your initial ideas jotted down, and also makes it easier to find your briefs and ideas at a later date.

Search Notes

searchThese notes are detected by the search facility found your Profile page, which again makes it a lot easier to find and access your briefs, so you don’t need to be shy when it comes to saving!

Private Briefs

privateBriefs will often be be searched and found via search engines like Google. You can make briefs exclusive to yourself by clicking the 'Private Eye' icon. If a public or member of the site tries to access your brief it will redirect them the brief expired page.


Still Life

The Art Resource is designed to aid artistc growth through the observaton of Art Theory principles. These Still Life photos aim to capture varying forms of Colour and Light, Shadow, Materials, Shapes and dynamic lighting effects that come into play for you to learn and understand. 

Select Criteria
The criteria by which you can learn is broken down into searchable topics: Subject, Perspective, Material, Light Source, Form Changes, Lighting Range and Lighting effects. Simply check the boxes under each tab to narrow down an image for you to study from.

Character Poses

These photos offer a broad range of Character Poses that are designed to convey the mood of a Character with a 3 point lighting setup. 

Select Criteria
The criteria by which you can source a Character Pose is broken down into topics such as Type of Pose, Side, Perspective, Gender, Weapon, Hand Position and head direction.

The long term goal is to have an extensive archive of Character poses with a ready made lighting setup to aid Concept Artists.


Generate Your Moodboard

mood-activateA Moodboard is useful for gathering reference and ultimately narrowing down a look and feel for the Art piece you're about to create! This amazing feature makes it easy to gather the resources you need to get started. The Moodboard generator works along side your brief and will automatically generate images for reference and inspiration based on the criteria in the brief. You get 4 Moodboard per day so make sure you choose your favorite briefs to work from!

Moodboards will only generate for Saved Briefs, so as soon as you save a brief you simply click the Grey Moodboard icon that will appear on the Generator, Profile or Brief page. Your moodboard will load within about 10 seconds.

Viewing the Moodboard

mood-viewerYou can alternate the layout of your moodboard in 3 different states by clicking the icons to the top right of the moodboard. The default state is more of a Thumbnail view where there are more images on the screen at once but smaller in size, this is good to get an overall look and feel in one screen. The next layout zooms in slightly to get more clarity of an individual image. You might want to use this state when tweaking your moodboard (see below).

The final state is the image pop up. If there's an image you want to focus on, simply click to enlarge and view it in more detail.

Tweaking Your Moodboard

mood-iconsTo make adjustments to your moodboard, you can use the left and right arrow icons to cycle through the images displayed for that particular variable. There's a Shuffle icon which will randomly select an image within the pool of images loaded.

Do this until you are happy with the over all look and feel of your Moodboard.

Save Moodboard

mood-saveMake sure you Save the current state of your Moodboard by clicking the 'Save' icon in the bottom right hand side of your Moodboard. You can load this moodboard anytime you want without it counting as one of your daily 4. Once saved the icon will turn Yellow showing that there is a Moodboard loaded and saved for this brief.

If you want to scrap this Moodboard and generate a fresh one for this brief, you can click 'New' button via the Profile page. You'll notice some different results appear for a different look and feel overall.

creating Artwork

Answering the Brief

When creating your artwork, it’s important to stick to the brief. Essentially you’re your own boss here but the briefs are a good way to guide your thinking process and help to prepare you for solving visual tasks in the Concept Art, Illustration and Art based industries.

You won’t always have the freedom to choose what to do, so practice being as creative as possible working with the brief in question.

Some industry based briefs will be more vague than others, if you want a more open brief then simply limit the criteria.

Share & Inspire

We always love to see how our briefs have inspired individual, and we’d love your work to inspire others too! So, please take a moment to share you artwork.

You can tag us via Twitter or Facebook using #conceptstart or you can submit them to our Tumblr Blog


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