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  1. Reyna Rodriguez
  2. 01 Line and Shape
  3. Thursday, 22 March 2018
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Here's my Line & Shape Block in redo. Would like feed back, thanks.
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Hi Reyna,

Thanks for re-submitting! I will post a more thorough reply over the weekend after the next video is released. :)
  1. Rinarto
  2. 1 year ago
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Rinarto Best Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Reyna!

Sorry for the delays getting back to you on this, the previous video took quite a while!

Anyways, you made a good attempt I think with your drawing... but I can see where your process can be improved which will lead to more accurate drawings in the future.

So you started out with the main outline / silhouette of the dog, and treated it as one large shape to begin with. It's also quite a complex shape with lots of edges and angles etc.

The problem with this is that you committed to a shape very early which wasn't 100% accurate. So imagine a visual form of Chinese whispers, after every decision there after, it gets a little more distorted and more distorted... every decision you make.

You then went on to find other shapes, which is good... but you focused on lots of small shapes that don't really matter as this stage in the drawing. It's easy to get bogged down with the details... we must first break the subject up into its most simplest groups.

The main idea with the shape seeker is that you find the most simple and largest shapes first, with as much accuracy as possible in relation to the subject.

This is a building up process. So we start with the largest shapes, and then find the smaller shapes within them.

I started with the rectangle, as from this it will contain the head, neck and face, and I know the shoulders will fall just outside it... from this large shape I can find the other shapes. I can also use a center line of the rectangle, vertically and horizontally to know if the features sit above, below, to the left or the right of these lines.

If you're struggling to know what shapes to look for, perhaps start thinking which features can you group together to create a shape? Perhaps its the muzzle? a more triangular shape that contains the nose, and the mouth...

So draw that shape, and when drawing it, think... how wide is the shape? ... is it slighting to the left of the center line of the previous shape?

If you were to draw vertical lines down from the inside of the eyes, does this shape go past those lines, or sit within them?...

So every time you find a new shape, you match it with the previous shape, whilst considering where it fits in relation to the features.

e.g The bottom of the left ear sits below the bottom of the eye... if you draw a shape for the ear, make sure these relationships are correct every step of the way before moving onto the next shape...

SO when you get more and more detailed by shape 6 (on my demo image) the shapes for the actual features are more likely to be in the correct place.

When you have found every shape, and feel that they accurately contain different portions of the subject, you can then begin to draw in your lines, and more detailed shapes and so on because you have established an accurate framework.

Good effort, and keep learning! :)
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I can see that, now. Your point is accurate and well made. I know the direction to go, so I can practice and improve. As always thank-you.
  1. Reyna Rodriguez
  2. 1 year ago
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  2. 01 Line and Shape
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Reyna Rodriguez Best Answer Pending Moderation
Theres the reference.
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  2. 01 Line and Shape
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