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  1. Roseanne
  2. 01 Line and Shape
  3. Tuesday, 06 March 2018
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Here is another attempt at the block in method. I attached the original pic with my block in shapes in red outline over it, my initial pencil drawing blocking the picture before filling it in and the final. It was just a quick one in charcoal pencil. Please let me know if this is correct Rinarto! I am enjoying seeing everyone's work also :D it would be cool to see some more! R x
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Hi Roseanne!

Thanks for re-submitting... I'll be giving full feedback on Wednesday :)
  1. Rinarto
  2. 10 months ago
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Hi Roseanne,

Thanks for your submission...

The image you chose definitively has some visible shadows! They're very distinct to it wasn't too hard to see how you broke them down.

I would suggest however trying the block in method with shadows that are a little less obvious. This exercise will help to train your eye looking for shapes, not all subjects will have shadows presented on the subject like this.

Despite that your drawing is quite nice, but I tried to push it a little.

The mouth doesn't seem to follow the same curvature as the photo... I drew a yellow line on the image attached. You can see how the natural curves of the lips and nose protrude outward.

When drawing we must always consider the form changes. Funnily enough, next episode will be covering this topic so you'll definitely benefit from that!

Good job, I look forward to seeing your tasks on perspective!
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That is a great help Rinarto and very thorough response. I can see exactly what you mean about her mouth. I will do the work you suggested. Such a great course, thank you so much for running this and for free! Looking forward to the next task! :D
  1. Roseanne
  2. 10 months ago
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  2. 01 Line and Shape
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