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Fantasy Art Character, Creature  & Illustration Idea Generator

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Art Prompts and Ideas to inspire Fantasy type only Character and Creature based artwork

Fantasy art is the most sought after type of art, it tends to sell the best within the Entertainment industry so it's in quite a high demand. This Fantasy art prompt idea generator is solely focused on churning out art briefs that will inspire Fantasy artwork and ideas.

Perhaps you want to tailor your portfolio specifically for fantasy mobile games or card games like Magic the Gathering? This idea generator will help to inspire Characters, Creatures and also Illustrations that capture a unique story moment for you to visualize and bring to life. Sometimes, it’s good to have some really crazy and wacky ideas, and sometimes it’s not. Studios want to see that you can create based on design ideals and norms of what typical Fantasy looks like, otherwise it’s just not commercially viable!

This generator stays close enough to the boundary to ensure your artwork is something that is seen before, but also ensure's the subject has enough of a twist to make it original. So stop fantasising about creating fantasy art, and generate some briefs!

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